Please excuse the brevity of this apology. Know that it comes from the heart. I'm sorry to everyone I never wrote back via email and I apologize in advance to all that will write to me in the future, to whom I will also maybe never write back. In real life I'm pretty good about getting back to people but online I never seem to find the time. I also feel guilty about answering one person's email and not the next 200. I know it's rude and probably pretty frustrating to those with pertinent questions but the cold hard fact is that if I spent time answering emails I would never, ever have time to paint or make music.

I do read each and every one of your emails. They make me smile and sometimes cry. A million thanks. I really do appreciate every single one. I know, think of me as that distant cousin you never hear from or better yet the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny. You still love them even though they don't answer your letters right? Know that I do indeed exist in the real world and always look forward to meeting people there. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to get through all of my emails in one sitting and provide sparkling, witty, riveting replies. Until can reach me here. —Jessicka


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